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Line 73: Line 73:
   <​author>​</​author>​   <​author>​</​author>​
   ​   ​
-  <alias key="​{fruit}"​ value="​apples"​ /> 
   <file name="​path/​to/​file.php">​   <file name="​path/​to/​file.php">​
     <​operation>​     <​operation>​
Line 81: Line 79:
       ]]></​find>​       ]]></​find>​
       <insert position="​replace"><​![CDATA[       <insert position="​replace"><​![CDATA[
-        I like green {fruit}.+        I like green apples.
       ]]></​insert>​       ]]></​insert>​
     </​operation>​     </​operation>​
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