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System Locale

The system locale is the local machine code for regional settings. These differ on different platforms. Contact your system administrator if you are unsure about your system locales. An example is shown below.

Locale Linux Mac Windows (Non-UTF-8)
English (United States) en_US.utf8 en_US.UTF-8 en-US, eng_us, or english_United States
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE.utf8 sv_SE.UTF-8 sv-SE, sve_swe, or swedish_Sweden
Japanese (Japan) ja_JP.utf8 ja_JP.UTF-8 ja-JP, jap_jap, or japanese_Japan

Note: Windows locales do not support UTF-8 but LiteCart has a workaround. :)

Note: PHP 5.6+ runs UTF-8 as default charset.

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