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 ====== LiteCart Wiki Pages ====== ====== LiteCart Wiki Pages ======
-This site is maintained by the members of the LiteCart community.+This site is maintained by the LiteCart community users themselves.
-===== Get Started =====+===== How To Install =====
-[[how_to_install|How To Install LiteCart]]+  * [[how_to_install_litecart_using_softaculous|Install LiteCart using Softaculous]] ***Recommended*** 
 +  * [[how_to_manually_install_litecart_webhost|Install LiteCart manually on your web server]] 
 +  * [[|Install LiteCart using CLI]] ***New*** 
 +  * [[|Install LiteCart using web installer]] ***New***
-[[how_to_upgrade|How To Upgrade LiteCart]]+  * [[how_to_upgrade|How To Upgrade]]
-[[how_to_adapt_to_git|How To Adapt To Git]]+===== Troubleshooting ===== 
 +  * [[how_to_recover_a_broken_platform|How to recover a broken platform]] 
 +  * [[how_to_resume_a_failed_upgrade|How to resume a failed upgrade]] 
 +===== Get Started =====
-We have created a [[get_started|step list]] to help you think of everything and get up and running with LiteCart.+We have created a [[get_started|step list]] for you to get started.
 ===== Migrate To LiteCart ===== ===== Migrate To LiteCart =====
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 ===== Build On LiteCart ===== ===== Build On LiteCart =====
-Make sure you have a good understanding of LiteCart's platform.+Make sure you have a good understanding of LiteCart's platform model.
-[[introduction|Get Familiar With LiteCart's Components]]+  * [[introduction|Get Familiar With LiteCart's Components]]
 Here is a list of How To Guides: Here is a list of How To Guides:
-  * [[how_to_change_the_look_of_your_store|How To Change the Look of Your Store]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_page|Create A New Page]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_page|How To Create a New Page]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_box|Create A Box]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_box|How To Create a Box]]+  * [[how_to_create_an_admin_app|Create an Admin App]]
 Guides for add-on makers: Guides for add-on makers:
-  * [[how_to_create_an_admin_app|How To Create an Admin App]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_template|Create a Template]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_template|How To Create a Template]] +  * [[installation:regional_packages|Create a Regional Installation Package]] 
-  * [[installation:regional_packages|How To Create a Regional Installation Package]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_translation_pack|Create a Translation Pack]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_translation_pack|How To Create a Translation Pack]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_customer_module|Create a Customer Module]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_customer_module|How To Create a Customer Module]] +  * [[how_to_create_an_order_module|Create an Order Module]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_an_order_module|How To Create an Order Module]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_shipping_module|Create a Shipping Module]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_an_order_total_module|How To Create an Order Total Module]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_payment_module|Create a Payment Module]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_shipping_module|How To Create a Shipping Module]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_job_module|Create a Job Module]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_payment_module|How To Create a Payment Module]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_vqmod|Create a vQMod]] also known as Virtual Quick Modification
-  * [[how_to_create_a_job_module|How To Create a Job Module]] +
-  * [[how_to_create_a_vqmod|How To Create a vQMod]] also known as Virtual Quick Modification+
 Upload your add-ons and modifications to our Add-on Store [[]] Upload your add-ons and modifications to our Add-on Store [[]]
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