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How To Move the Platform

To move LiteCart from one place to another. All you need to do is move the complete set of files and folders and edit the following:

1. ~/.htaccess

  ErrorDocument 403 /webpath/to/error_document?code=403
  ErrorDocument 404 /webpath/to/error_document?code=404
  ErrorDocument 410 /webpath/to/error_document?code=410
  RewriteBase /webpath/to/application/
  #  AuthUserFile "/server/side/path/to/admin/.htpasswd"

2. ~/admin/.htaccess

  AuthUserFile "/server/side/path/to/admin/.htpasswd"

3. If you also moved database then put the new credentials in ~/includes/

  define('DB_SERVER', '');
  define('DB_USERNAME', 'myusername');
  define('DB_PASSWORD', 'mypassword');
  define('DB_DATABASE', 'mydatabase');
  define('DB_TABLE_PREFIX', 'lc');


If you use any add-ons that might require full paths e.g. Deploy Changes be sure to edit includes/

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