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How to manually install LiteCart on your webhost

Make sure you are ready with the following

  • A web server running Apache 2.4, PHP 7+, MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB.
  • An FTP software installed on your computer.
  • Your FTP hostname, port, username, and password for transferring files to your webost.

Configure access to web server files

In this tutorial we are going to use RaiDrive for transferring files to the web server.

1. Go to to download the RaiDrive installation program. Select Softpedia for download location.

2. Execute the downloaded file. Downloaded files are usually stored in C:\Users\Username\Downloads.

3. When installed, click on the start menu and select RaiDrive.

4. Work your way from top to bottom to configure your RaiBlock accoarding to the screenshot below:

5. Once installed make sure you can access the files on the web server.

Transferring files to the webserver

1. Download zip archive of LiteCart from

2. Open the downloaded archive. Downloaded files are usually stored in C:\Users\Username\Downloads.

3. Navigate to the contents of the subfolder named public_html.

4. Select all contents, right mouse click and select copy.

5. Navigate to your webfolder contents, usually called public_html or www.

6. Right mouse click in the free space and select Paste.

7. Wait for the file copy process to finish.

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