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How To Install Add-ons

Add-ons are available for download in the add-ons store. An add-on can contain different releases mostly targeting different versions of LiteCart. When downloading a specific package a zip archive is being downloaded to your hard drive. Open zip archive and you will find a README file with instructions how to install a specific add-on.

File Uploading

Most add-ons will have an instruction like Upload the contents of the folder public_html/* to the corresponding path of your LiteCart installation. In 9 out of 10 cases the merchant installed LiteCart in the domain's document root e.g. /home/user/public_html which is the corresponding path. If you installed LiteCart in a subfolder on your domain like /home/user/public_html/litecart then that is your corresponding path.

Your web host has an FTP service that allows you to transfer files to and from your website. To connect to an FTP site you will need an FTP client software like FileZilla, RaiDrive or FlashFXP. You will need a set of credentials such as hostname, username and password. When connected, navigate to the application root of LiteCart and drag and drop your files over to your webspace.

Please note: The uploaded files should be merged with the the existing folder contents. Meaning NO FILES and NO DIRECTORIES are to be removed.

Database Modifying

Some add-ons require changes to the database. Like establishing a new table for storing data or inserting new rows of data. In your web host's control panel you will find phpMyAdmin which is used to administrate your databases. If the README document states that you need to run MySQL queries, Do the following.

1. Open phpMyAdmin

2. In the left sidebar menu, select your LiteCart database.

3. Click the “SQL” tab at the top.

4. Paste your query from the README into the textarea.

5. Make sure that all table names in the query match your table prefix. If your prefix abcd_ then replace lc_ with abcd_, example INSERT INTO `abcd_products`….

5. Press the “Go”-button to execute the query.

vMod / Virtual Modifications

Add-ons commonly come with an .xml file stored in the vmods/ folder. This is an instruction file for the platform to know what original features and behaviors that should change for the new behaviors of the add-on. To make certain that this virtual modification instruction file on is in good condition, go to Admin → vMods. Find your uploaded add-on in the list and make sure it passed the health test with an OK.

If an add-on does not pass the test it is most likely due to a version conflict. Something in a newer version of LiteCart requires the add-on to be slightly adjusted. When clicking the pencil “Edit”-button you are taken to the vMod Editor that allows you to adjust your add-on to any specific conditions of your platform. You should also alert the author of the add-on that it needs an update.

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