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How to create a translation pack

1. Add your your new language to the list of languages, be certain that you enter the correct ISO code.

  Admin >> Languages

2. Make sure you have collected all the translations that are defined in all the files of the platform:

  Admin >> Translations >> Scan

3. Export a CSV file with both english and your new language (hold CTRL to multi select languages). Select the CSV format settings that suites your software. Default settings should work for most software.

  Admin >> Translations >> CSV Import/Export

4. Open the CSV file in i.e. LibreOffice. Translate the empty columns of the spread sheet for your added language.

5. Once you are finished and want to wrap it all up, you may delete the english column to prevent you and/or others from reinserting the english translations.

6. Test your translation pack by importing your CSV file.

  Admin >> Translations >> CSV Import/Export

7. Zip your contents and upload your translations as an add-on on

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