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 Here is a list of How To Guides: Here is a list of How To Guides:
-  * [[how_to_change_the_look_of_your_store|How To Change ​The Look of Your Store]] +  * [[how_to_change_the_look_of_your_store|How To Change ​the Look of Your Store]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_page|How To Create ​New Page]] +  * [[how_to_create_a_page|How To Create ​New Page]] 
-  * [[how_to_create_a_box|How To Create ​Box]]+  * [[how_to_create_a_box|How To Create ​Box]]
 Guides for add-on makers: Guides for add-on makers:
 +  * [[how_to_create_an_admin_app|How To Create an Admin App]]
   * [[how_to_create_a_template|How To Create a Template]]   * [[how_to_create_a_template|How To Create a Template]]
   * [[installation:​regional_packages|How To Create a Regional Installation Package]]   * [[installation:​regional_packages|How To Create a Regional Installation Package]]
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