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LiteCart API

The official website and add-ons store have a public API currently offering read-only access to resources using REST and JSON.

Make a HTTP GET request for the following URLs:

Limit Results

Results can be limited to a desired number.



Endpoints supporting pagination will return a header like the following:

  Link: <https://...?page=1>; rel=first, <https://...?page=1>; rel=prev, <https://...?page=2>; rel=next,<https://...?page=2>; rel=last

You can extract a pagination link using regular expressions:

  if (preg_match('#<(.*?)>; rel="?next"?#m', $headers, $matches)) {
    $next_link = $matches[1];

Search Filter

Endpoints supporting search filter uses a HTTP GET query parameter like the following:

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